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The entire activity of the Church is an expression of a love that seeks the integral good of man: it seeks his evangelization through Word and Sacrament, an undertaking that is often heroic in the way it is acted out in history; and it seeks to promote man in the various arenas of life and human activity.

(Deus caritas est #19)

The Parish Events Ministries at Saint James Catholic Church is comprised of a team of dedicated individuals who is responsible for the coordination, planning, design and set-up for a variety of church-wide events and special projects within the calendar year.  The special events ministry strives to organize fun and entertaining celebrations that foster growth and fellowship among the members of the Saint James Catholic Church family and the community.

  • St. James & Friends Feast day

  • St. James Christmas Gala

  • Cath-Flix

  • Date Night Ministry

Please contact the office for more information.

Tel: 305-681-7428 

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