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“…participation in the liturgy is the right and duty of all the baptized.”

(2nd Vatican Council)

When we gather as a community at St. James Parish to pray, worship God and offer thanksgiving to the Father in the Eucharist, we are doing the ‘work of the people’.  This is Liturgy, the public worship of the Church. Liturgical Ministers fill vital roles at St. James Parish.  Over a hundred men, women and young people are involved in the celebration of our parish liturgies each week. These ministers help provide vibrant, meaningful and prayerful liturgies for the parishioners of St. James Parish. You are invited to explore the St. James Parish Liturgical Ministries. 

      Altar Servers


      Eucharistic Minister for Mass

      Greeters & Ushers – Hospitality

      Lectors (Creole, Spanish, English)

      Liturgy Planning Team

      Sacristy Team

      Youth Choir/Musicians

Please contact the office for more information. Tel: 305-681-7428

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